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South Africa’s Preparations for BRICS Summit Intensify


In a significant diplomatic move, South Africa is gearing up to host the upcoming BRICS summit, with heightened anticipation following the confirmation of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s attendance. The summit, set to bring together the leaders of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, is a testament to the increasing influence and cooperation among these…

Haryana-Nuh Violence: Mob Burns Down Sohna Chowk’s Shops into Ashes in Gurugram


Introduction: In a recent outbreak of violence in the Haryana-Nuh region, a devastating incident occurred at Sohna Chowk in Gurugram. A violent mob set fire to numerous shops, reducing them to ashes and leaving the community in shock. As the situation escalates, the Delhi Police has stepped up its vigilance to maintain peace and safety…