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Role of Micronutrients in Boosting Mental Health


Today almost every people get suffered by the mental health. Mental health comes because of stress. As per World health organizations report published in June 2022 almost one billion people living with a mental disorder in 2019, 15 per cent of working-age adults experienced a mental disorder. In this first year of the pandemic the…

How Currency Notes are Designed in India ?


Political upheaval is being witnessed in India over the demand to add images of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and Lord Ganesha, the god of prosperity, to the country’s currency. A demand raised by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal during an election campaign in Gujarat has seen mixed reactions from other political parties and religious…

T20 World Cup 2022:Indian team reached Melbourne to meet Pakistan


T20 World Cup 2022: After defeating Australia in the warm-up match, the Indian team reached Melbourne for the first main match of the T20 World Cup. The first match of the Indian team in the prestigious tournament is against Pakistan on 23 October. T20 World Cup 2022 Latest News T20 World Cup 2022 has started.…

keep Mobile data on then be careful! Mobile may have such condition


Nowadays almost everyone has a smartphone and people also use the internet in it. Now unlimited data comes with the tariff plan. Because of this people use the internet a lot. Due to unlimited data, people always keep their internet data on. People keep their mobile data on when mobile is not working. If you…

PM Inaugrates ‘Lata Mangeshkar Chowk’


As a tribute and in honor of legendary singer Late Lata Mangeshkar, Ayodhya’s famous new ghat crossing is now named ‘Lata Mangeshkar Chowk’. About Lata Mangeshkar Chowk The Prime Minister, on the occasion of the 93rd birth anniversary of the Late Lata Mangeshkar, congratulated the Government of Uttar Pradesh and the Ayodhya Development Authority for…

Guide to Feeding your dogs and cats with Healthy Nutrition


Cats and dogs are two different animals, so their diet is unique to their species. Cats are strict carnivores, and therefore meat is absolutely essential to their diet as a Healthy Nutrition. Dogs, however, are omnivores and can therefore obtain the necessary nutrition from both vegetarian and non-vegetarian sources. For the past 40 years or…

Roger Federer: Greatest Tennis Players of All Time


About Roger Federer Roger Federer is a Swiss professional tennis player. He was ranked World No. 1 by the Association of Tennis Professionals for 310 weeks, including a record of 237 consecutive weeks, and has finished as year-end No. 1 five times. He is ranked world No. 5 in men’s singles tennis by the Association…

Why do we Celebrate Hindi Diwas?


Hindi Diwas or National Day is celebrated every year on September 14 to mark the adaptation of Hindi. Hindi is considered an official language by the constituent assembly on September 14, 1999.

Happy Onam 2022: Why Onam is celebrated?


Essence According to religious beliefs, on the festival of Onam, King Bali comes to earth to meet his subjects. Onam festival lasting 10 days is the main festival of South India. Onam is specially celebrated in the state of Kerala. This time the festival of Onam is being celebrated on 08 September. Happy Onam 2022…

Loan Against Property: Best Suited for Business Ventures


What is Loan Against Property? Loan Against Property is a secured loan product that can be useful for both salaried individuals and businesses. The loan is approved once you have mortgaged your residential or commercial property. The bank approves the credit amount, which is equal to the present value of the asset. As a loan…

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