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Month: August 2023

Data Protection Bill Passed by Lok Sabha – Next Stop Rajya Sabha


What is Data Protection Bill? The Data Protection Bill, also known as the Data Privacy Bill or Data Protection Act, is a piece of legislation designed to safeguard the privacy and security of individuals’ personal data. This bill establishes rules and regulations that organizations and businesses must adhere to when collecting, processing, storing, and using…

Cyber Security Laws In India: Safeguarding The Digital Frontier


In today’s technologically interconnected world, cyberspace plays a vital role in shaping our lives, economies, and societies. As India continues to leap into the digital age, the importance of robust cyber security laws in India cannot be overstated. Cyber threats such as data breaches, ransomware attacks, and cybercrimes are becoming more sophisticated, necessitating a proactive…

Why Do You Believe In God?


In a world brimming with diverse beliefs and ideologies, the concept of believe in God has been a subject of contemplation, debate, and wonder for millennia. We can understand the reasons that lead individuals to believe in God. This blog aims to explore the fundamental reasons behind people’s beliefs in a higher power, shedding light…

Haryana-Nuh Violence: Mob Burns Down Sohna Chowk’s Shops into Ashes in Gurugram


Introduction: In a recent outbreak of violence in the Haryana-Nuh region, a devastating incident occurred at Sohna Chowk in Gurugram. A violent mob set fire to numerous shops, reducing them to ashes and leaving the community in shock. As the situation escalates, the Delhi Police has stepped up its vigilance to maintain peace and safety…

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